The Top 10 Good And Bad Excuses To Get Out Of Work

The employee was bowling the game of his life and couldn’t make it to work. The employee said her roots were showing, and she had to keep her hair appointment because she looked like a mess. Sign up to get industry intel, advice, tools, and honest takes from real people tackling their restaurants’ greatest challenges. “An employee told us that they had a fever of 98 – the average human’s body temperature is 98.6. Needless to say, she got a science lesson that day.” “Someone told me they forgot they had a dentist appointment, went to the appointment and were issued so many drugs that they forgot they had to work.”

personal reasons to call out of work

Keep in mind that many organizations have bereavement policies that allow you to take a certain amount of paid or unpaid time off without it affecting your standing at work. Many unexpected issues can keep you from getting to work, such as a burst water pipe or broken transmission. As with other reasons, tell your employer as soon as you discover the problem. If you need to let in a repair person, let your employer know if you’ll be able to complete some work from home or if you plan to return to work later in your shift.

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If you own a house , you know that household issues are a fairly common occurrence and also a great excuse to leave work. The babysitter/daycare might have “canceled” last minute, which provides an open invitation to work from home or call in for the day. You may need to think about why you are avoiding your job so much. Also, if you get caught skipping work for a reason different from the excuse you gave, be honest with your boss.

The days of people suffering from depression, anxiety, and the sort and feeling the need to hide it from employers are diminishing. There are numerous reasons why you would need a day for yourself. You can use your sick days to get some time off if you have a doctor’s appointment. Any type of appointment works – a dentist appointment, an eye doctor appointment, or even a regular checkup.

Blind copy your personal as well as professional email address so you have a record of the communication. I like to do this instead of simply leaving a voice mail as these do not allow the employee to establish a paper trail or documentation.

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Saying that you feel ill is one of the best excuses for missing work. A company/boss will not want you in the office if you’re sick and possibly contagious. According to an article on, 11% of U.S. employees work 50 or more hours a week and people spend more than 40% of their day on their job.

  • But if it’s last minute, you need to have a good reason.
  • Sometimes a wait-listed or cancellation list appointment opens up at the last minute.
  • Attending the dentist for extended periods of time during the day.
  • If he is fond of animals, he will likely understand your situation.

So, it is best not to lie to your manager and be found out later. There are all sorts of reasons for missing work . We can’t all perform like robots and show up every single day. But telling your boss you need some time at the spa is not always a good idea. Coming up with an excuse can be the only way and there are differences in what makes an excuse good and outright laughable.

Mental Health Reason

The employees must be aware of the different rules for varied instances, such as frequent unscheduled absenteeism and late coming. Sometimes when you are away from work, it is not possible to say when you will be able to come back. A typical example of this is when someone in your family is ill. In this case, keep your manager notified about the situation. You may even have to talk about taking an extended leave of absence if needed.

personal reasons to call out of work

When requesting time off from work, always follow any established company policy. For example, some employers may require you to email your direct supervisor and copy the HR manager. Otherwise, contact your manager as soon as you know you won’t be available for your scheduled shift. If you choose to call or text your manager first, follow up with an email to make a written record of your request. It’s usually a good idea to call out of work for illnesses such as fever, flu or upset stomach. Employers want to keep their other employees well, so calling out of work for these reasons can actually benefit your company in addition to helping you recover. Other acceptable medical reasons for calling out of work include injury or a doctor’s appointment.

While not feeling well-rested can feel uncomfortable and lower your motivation level, this is not typically seen as a valid reason for missing work. Doing so can appear irresponsible and unreliable. Instead, consider the reason why you’re feeling tired. For example, if you were up all night because you were sick, taking care of a sick child or handling a family emergency, you should explain those circumstances to your employer. Sometimes, you just need some good excuses to miss work on short notice. A sick day, doctor’s appointment, and family emergencies are some of the common ones.

Best Excuses To Get Out Of Work & How To Do It Right

However, if you are having issues with your manager, take it up with the HR head of the department. Losing your phone, keys, wallet, or important documents is a miserable experience. These items contain sensitive personal information that cannot be compromised at any cost. So you need to make sure that your identity is not stolen before you return to work. You may have to take care of your pet if he is unwell.

  • But, you informed your manager immediately that you cannot work as you are unwell.
  • It’s not a good idea to take off time from your job to interview for another company.
  • If you’re feeling sick the night before, send a message or call that night.
  • Here we will discuss some frequently asked questions and topics related to how to get out of work without making your manager feel contemptuous.
  • Calling out of work for a bad hair day may have your boss laughing so hard they fall out of their chair, and not in a good way.
  • If you have no electricity in your home, your boss probably won’t expect you to work.

The employer must decide whether documentation will be required for any medical absence, or just for those lasting over a certain number of days. That might be because they don’t think work can go on without them , they default to behaving like a martyr , or they think it’ll set them back at work , says Wakeman. And even employees with “unlimited” vacation plans don’t always take advantage. To ensure compliance with changing laws, it’s a good practice to audit your leave of absence policy every two years.

Home Emergency

If you really cannot make it into the office because you’re dry heaving over the toilet, you may need to take a sick day — but absolutely do not make it a habit. Taking too much time off can be a reason for your boss to fire you. If you’ve got a history of calling in sick in the past, then it’s best not to take personal days. We all get sick at some point and need to take time off. With all this in mind, is it really any wonder that restaurants regularly see employees calling out of work? Sometimes, employees just need a break that’s not pre-planned, no matter the reason.

Dissatisfaction or arguments with co-workers is never a good reason to take time off work. If reasons to call out of work you face a conflict with your colleagues, it is advisable to take it up with your manager.

These excuses are not bad in the “you’re just lazy”-kind of way, but they are so unbelievable that your boss probably won’t know how to react. Certainly, if someone in your family has actually died, it’s not an excuse but a valid issue to talk to your boss about and ask for time off. But don’t lie about someone’s death – that’s just horrible and wrong on many levels. InHerSight is the career navigator for working women. Anonymously rate your current or former employer now to unlock our one-of-a-kind resources.

  • However, for some people, calling out of work can be a very awkward and complicated process.
  • This is another great excuse for those who have children.
  • Consider when other people are likely to request days off as well as your job’s busy season.
  • Sometimes in the case of longer absences, HR may mandate a doctor’s script for calling in sick.

So, if you’re looking to take a same-day break or vacation, call out sick, and need to make a case for yourself, here are 35 good reasons to miss work. However, if you are missing work due to illness, keep in mind some employers will require you to bring in a doctor’s note to verify the merit of your absence. When someone close to you passes away, you’ll likely need one or more days off work to grieve. Let your employer know the situation as well as any upcoming dates you may need to take off for funeral arrangements.

ive Been Up All Night With A Stomach Bug!

And, according to the National Partnership for Women and Families, 40 percent of private-sector workers and 80 percent of low-wage workers don’t receive any paid sick leave at all. Many employers now consider mental health days as entirely valid reasons to take some time off.

Convey The Message Smartly

All parents can agree, childcare is problematic sometimes. If your employer has kids, this is definitely an easy way to get out of work. Simply let your employer know your childcare provider has told you they’ll be unavailable on the day you want to miss work. Most companies prefer email as an official mode of communication. You could email the application for sick leave and follow up with a call.

Also, if you cannot work at the office for some reason, you can always ask to work remotely till your situation returns to normal. However, it is advisable to show restraint while sharing this information with your colleagues. But if your co-workers ask, you can always tell that something came up.

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