Projects Undertaken by us during COVID-19

Ration distribution was done by Ushakiran with the support of honourable MLA Pankaj Singh ji and Richa Anirudh in Illhawas village

Ushakiran is honoured to be the charity partner of Volunteers 137 team who with their hardwork had set up a community kitchen at Shahdra village in Noida.

It served fresh cooked food to thousands of people on daily basis along with distribution of free ration to the needy people who were mostly daily wagers who had lost their means of livelihood. They were finding it difficult sustain themselves during these crisis. Ushakiran gifted reusable fine cotton handmade masks to the team of Volunteers 137 as a mark of respect. We distributed 150 handmade reusable masks to the needy people too, who can’t afford to buy them.

Vibrant colourful masks made by the kids and families of Ushakiran. Many of them have lost their means of livelihood during this time of crisis. Ushakiran have engaged them for making cotton masks which has provided them livelihood with dignity.These masks are in great demand as they look great and are very comfortable to wear too.

एक कदम आत्मनिर्भर भारत की ओर !!

It was privilege for us to meet eminent designer Manish Tripathi. We are happy to join hands with Namastey away brand of Manish. He is doing an amazing work by producing beautiful reusable cotton, khadi designer masks, which are being distributed to the needy peoplw who can’t afford to buy face masks besides gifting them to Covid warriors. Manish expressed his desire to work with Ushakiran kids based on a theme ‘ Meri Duniya , Merey Sapney’.

Happy Eid to everyone !!May Allah bring joy, harmony, peace and good health on this blessed occasion.This year we will be missing visiting houses of our Ushakiran kids, savouring saviyan & biryani.Distributed ration kits to the them as a gift from Ushakiran family

The impact of Covid- 19 is devastating on small peasants & farmers who use to sell their agricultural produce in local mandi or streets.Their sources of income have swept away overnight leaving them in distress. Ushakiran is trying to reaching out relief to these neglected communities by providing them ration kits from time to time. Discussing with them the challenges being faced by them, providing them knowledge of social distancing, hygiene, distributing masks & soaps etc to them.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable community across the country, such as migrant laborers, small street vendors, vegetable and fruit sellers, e-rickshaw drivers and other daily wagers etc. Most of them live in the slums/clusters at around sector-137, Noida in various villages. It is to cushion the impact of these crisis on this section of our society and to ensure their access to essentials, Ushakiran is committed to reach the needy in this hour of crisis.Some of the glimpses of reaching out to the needy by providing them ration through the ration shops in their village, providing ration at their house to those struck in lock down.

Thanks to Food corporation of India for timely providing 6000 kgs of rice to Ushakiran which will used in the community kitchen of Shahdra village with support of Volunteers 137 team