Success Stories

Transforming Lives Through the Gift of Education

Last year in March, a massive fire broke out in an unauthorized slum cluster in Shahdara village, Noida. According to victims, they ran out with their children, leaving behind all their belongings to turn to ashes. Everything was lost. Most of the slum dwellers were daily wagers and domestic helpers. A girl from this slum approached us for educational support. On our insistence she brought 15 more kids from her place after around 9 months, who were keen to study but lacked the means to do so.


He is from underprivileged sections of the society and faced a lot of challenges in his life. Ushakiran has Sumit’s back since a lot of years . He came there with a friend in 9th standard. He expressed that we have taken a big part in inspiring him to study hard and achieve great. He really enjoys craft and sport events that are held there.

One kind word can change someone’s entire life

When I asked him about the change Ushakiran bought in his life, he said that it brought a positive development in his life. Being from the underprivileged section of the society and son of a farmer, he faced a lot of problems. He did not receive proper education from his previous coaching as there were not proper teachers despite charging high fees.


In his life, all he needed was a little bit of support and push to achieve great. He faced a lot of problem being underprivileged section and had to struggle a lot. He had to leave his studies but Ushakiran acted as his supporter throughout the journey. He got his admission back in class 8th standard with the help of ushakiran. We all worked with him to make sure that he is able to cover the time he lost. Both Ushakiran and him worked so hard, to achieve high.


Shehnaz had dropped out of the school in 3rd standard and had totally given up on studying and it stayed like that for many years but little did she know that she was destined to become one of the many successful stories of Ushakiran and the story of her transformation and journey with Ushakiran is nothing short of a miracle.


Amrita has been with UshaKiran for the past five years. She is really grateful to the UshaKiran team for being a ray of sunshine in her life. The team has not only aided her academically, but has also given her with a variety of extracurricular activities. Despite the hurdles she experienced, Amrita performed remarkably well in 11th grade, topping her class with the support of team Ushakiran. She aims to be an IPS officer and has complete faith in team Ushakiran to assist her in achieving her goal. Finally, she conveyed her gratitude to UshaKiran for significantly improving her life and making her journey worthwhile.


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