About Us


UshaKiran is an NGO located in Sector 137, Noida, Uttar Pradesh aimed at educating and empowering the underprivileged children of our society. It aims to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education. The objective of this organisation is to build the personality of these children in such a way that they become shining examples of knowledge and awareness and are able to apply their education and skills not only to contribute to the society more meaningfully but also to make a difference to their own lives. It believes that ensuring equal educational opportunities for the children of a country will go a long way in building a prosperous nation. Usha Kiran undertakes a number of initiatives to make the living conditions of these children better. Its goal is to close the gaps in opportunity and availability of resources in a world that consigns far too many children from low-income families. The organisation is ably supported by expert teachers who spare their time and resources to guide and educate these children. It aspires to build a society based on dignity, where every child has the same opportunity. It believes that the world naturally becomes a better place when empathy and compassion can reach out to the people who need it the most.


Touched @1000 lives & many more ...


The UshaKiran journey began on 29th March, 2016, when Ms Chhaya Sharma got together a handful of children from nearby urban slums and decided to make a small beginning in a little room at her residential apartment in Noida. Since then, UshaKiran has literally been spreading its rays like the Sun. It has roped in likeminded people, dedicated to work together to narrow the gap between the educated privileged and the underprivileged sections of the society who are deprived of opportunities in education. As of now, team UshaKiran comprises student volunteers, social workers and many other educated personnel to cater to a group of 120 children and is hoping to touch many more lives in the days to come.

The children at UshaKiran are eager to learn more with each passing day. The enthusiasm and vivaciousness they show during classes spills over during celebration of special occasions such as Independence Day, Teachers’ Day and other important events. Besides academic education, UshaKiran strives to provide all kinds of opportunities to these

growing children by arranging for them to perform dances, songs and other activities in community functions, apart from training them for it.


Placing children at the centre of its initiatives, UshaKiran is committed to the empowering underprivileged children, to bring about a positive change in the society as a whole. It envisions a society where no child is deprived of all-round education due to poverty. It aims to provide quality education in a conducive atmosphere, so that the potential of these children is unravelled. It hopes to create a space where each of these children will be able to spread their wings to achieve to the best of their abilities. UshaKiran intends to be the wind beneath the wings for children belonging to the financially deprived section of society and help play a crucial part in creating a bright future for these deserving young people.

Core Members

Chhaya Sharma

B.A. Honours (History), B.Ed, M.A.(History). Worked in central school & several other private schools

Madhu Manocha

Retired from Office of Registrar General &Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi Involved in philanthropy activities after her retirement

Mrs Usha Sharma

Usha Sharma, the guiding light for the founding of this organization. She continues to inspire and guide us by her thoughtful and Social welfare activity

Siddharth Sharma

BE Chemical Engineering. Supply Chain Consultant at Stellium Consulting India Pvt Ltd.