Founders Day

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Founders Day

It was once rightly said, “Today you lead the school, tomorrow your students will lead the world.”

Usha Kiran NGO, once made 6 years ago to help a few students learn the alphabet has now turned to a fully functioning center providing children with education, nutrition and wonderful life skills.

On 27 March 2022, Usha Kiran celebrated its 6 year anniversary as a Founder’s Day program called ‘Utsav Ashaon Ka’. The event began with lighting of the lamp and a Saraswati Vandana followed by a short skit explaining the story of Usha Kiran. Mrs Chhaya Sharma, the founder of the NGO, gave a wonderful address at the event and expressed her special gratitude to the chief guests, Dr. Meenakshi Katyayan IPS, DCP Gautam Buddh Nagar along with Shri Anuj Nagar who attended the function on behalf of Honourable MLA Mr. Tejpal Singh for gracing the occasion.

The kids of Usha Kiran also took part in the various inspirational performances. The dance performances were choreographed by Ms Monica Balani. The Usha Kiran Anthem was also launched, written by Mr Ashish Srivastava and sung by Ms Sumitra Narayan.

Multiple volunteers of Usha Kiran also graced the occasion and encouraged the children for their performances. One of the highlights of the event that morning was the aspirations in the children’s eyes to have a position like Dr Meenakshi, who herself was overwhelmed with joy at this appreciation.

The volunteers and social organisations were felicitated on this occasion,recognising their support towards Ushakiran.

As long as these wonderful children are under the umbrella of Usha Kiran NGO, they are no longer underprivileged. Mrs Chhaya carries this wonderful statement on her shoulders with her head held high!

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