Transforming lives through the gift of education

Last year in March, a massive fire broke out in an  unauthorized slum cluster in Shahdara village, Noida ..... Read More

We need some 

helping hands!

We propose to hire permanent teachers for various subjects including art, craft and dance. If you are interested, please mail us your details at  chhayakrishan@yahoo.com

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” ~Swami Vivekananda

About Usha Kiran

UshaKiran is an NGO located in Sector 137, Noida, Uttar Pradesh aimed at educating and empowering the underprivileged children of our society. It aims to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education. The objective of this organisation is to build the personality of these children in such a way that they become shining examples of knowledge and awareness and are able to apply their education and skills not only to contribute to the society more meaningfully but also to make a difference to their own lives.


I am associated with the Usha Kiran initiative from past few years (when it was an idea and few baby steps), and I liked the Idea of educating the needy - the underprivileged. I have worked closely with the Management team of Usha Kiran and their contribution to education and enabling the needy is such a noble vision. It has come a long way, and I will like to keep contributing in the best way, I can for years to come. All the best for Usha Kiran and much more come.

Anshul Bagai

CEO - MYZEAL I.T. Solutions


Usha Kiran Kids are very energetic, supremely talented, respectful and willing to put in efforts all the time. If one wants to know how to value an opportunity given, he must see our Usha Kiran kids. When it comes to running they pounce on the opportunities and put in their best every single time. In 2017, when we organised an ultra marathon in Noida, Tech City Marathon, they came up brilliant art work in very less time to create selfie booths, props that runners loved to use for clicking pre and post run selfies. I look forward to interacting with them again.

Robin Verma

Staff Engineer, Organisation - Qualcomm


Usha Kiran has brought sunshine into the life of these kids by giving them the joy of learning, sharing and exploring. The team at Usha Kiran is grooming them everyday not just with knowledge but with warmth and love...care that every child deserves. It's inspiring to see the ecosystem developed by Mrs Chhaya to give back to the society. It has supported and encouraged others to become a part of this inclusive growth. I hope to see Usha Kiran achieve greater milestones and it's kids to accomplish great heights in their lives ahead.

Bushra Bhushan

Chief Creative Officer, EspressoMedia & Founder, Holiday Hop


I have known Chhaya Sharma, founder of UshaKiran, as a trusted friend and have been  part of her journey from inception of Usha Kiran with 5 kids to where it is today. Phenominal progress made in short duration  by her, in reaching out to children with so much love and affection, and  transforming their lives through education. Besides acedemics, Usha Kiran children excel in art, crafts, dance, music, sports, run marathons. The Usha Kiran, team under the leadership of Ms. Chhaya is really doing a commendable job in providing all round development of their students,  empowering them with social and life skills. I congratulate them for their contributions towards reviving lives of these school dropout kids, bring them back into main stream education, adding value and making a difference in overall development of kids, their families, community and our nation at large.We wish Chhaya, teachers and students of UshaKiran  continued success, and hoping to see some of these students grow up to be the leaders of our progressive India.

Rupal Mehta

Founder and CEO

Marvel Software Solutions


It has been my privilege to be associated with Usha Kiran. Chhaya is doing an exemplary job of providing  quality education to children, who otherwise would be languishing in debilitated public education system . Not only conventional textbook learning , Usha Kiran also focuses on overall development of students with various vocational training classes and personality development courses. Education is the greatest gift anyone can give and its heartening to see Usha Kiran bringing positive change in lives of dozens of children through this invaluable gift of education.

Suyash Mehrotra

Director, Accel Knowledge