Every child deserves quality food for nourishment and growth. Poverty stricken families struggle hard to make their ends meet and afford the daily bread. We at UshaKiran, with the laudable support of our volunteers, provide refreshments to our children, encouraging them to eat well and stay well. By inculcating healthy eating habits we aspire to let them choose a route to a promising future.

Annapurnas of Ushakiran

Our group of volunteers have always been one of the sources of light of Ushakiran. By supporting our vision and standing strong by us like a pillar, they have become family. All refreshments are arranged by our kind-hearted volunteers. With all their little-big helps they have encouraged us and our children to be more kind and become a righteous human.

Dr Parul Arora

Khusbhu Jha

Surabhi Singh

Anju Singhal

Sangeeta Singh

Payal Pal 

Tullika Jha

Manjori Bagai

Bushra Bhushan

Chanda Mahajan 

Chhaya Sharma

Gursharan kaur