COVID-19-Relief Work

Reaching out the needy in this time of crisis-

​We, at Ushakiran stand true to our vow to help transform as many lives as we can. We have been imparting meaningful Education and Value system to the children and the families of the not so privileged backgrounds, helping them add value to their lives. When the danger and impact of COVID -19 loomed large on our country, we decided to go full steam to alleviate the people of their sufferings as much as we can.      

We, have joined hands with the civil authorities and also on our own have reached out to many vulnerable families in every possible way, to provide them food and toiletries and whatever they may need at this hour when they are without a livelihood.    

We, are helping us all together to win over this Global Pandemic. To enumerate few of the things being done by us are :-​

1) Donated a cheque of Rs One Lakh to the DM of Noida

2) Educating and imparting correct information about COVID 19 to the children and the families of Ushakiran and teaching them how to keep away from rumours and false information on a regular basis through online media.

3) Have tied up with the local grocery stores in villages of Shahadra and Illhabas to provide the needy people kits with essentials such as dry ration &  person care hygiene products.

​4) Have reached out to the numerous families of Kulesara village, to ​educate them about Corona pandemic, precautions and means to ​combat it.​

5) Ration packets are made available on a daily basis to ​the families of ​farmers and daily wagers who are left ​with no secondary source of ​income directly through the ration shops.​

6) We, have also extended help to a Delhi based NGO & organisations in Noida by ​supplying ration packets to street vendors of sector 110 and nearby ​areas who have been hit hard by this most cruel pandemic and have ​lost their only source of income and livelihood.​

These are just a few of the things that we are physically doing. 

We are also providing psychological and emotional support to all those who need our help. We are looking forward to suggestions and support from all those who wish to join us in this endeavour of ours.   

We truly believe that together “ we shall overcome’’.

Letter of Appreciation

Contribution from all the volunteers to collect funds for community kitchen

Presenting the cheque to City Magistrate for community kitchen

Collection of ration to be distributed among the masses in need

Reaching out the masses in need by providing them ration.

Providing ration to the families of children of Ushakiran.