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There is no feeling greater than being of some help to someone in need. This is the main reason which has kept humanity alive even today. Volunteering at Ushakiran is a blissful and enriching experience. Any one who is willing to devote their time for the noble cause of empowering the children of the marginalised section of our society , can join hands with us.


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How Can You Volunteer?

Teaching various subjects to the children. 

Helping children to exhibit their self-made handicrafts.

Providing healthy meals and refreshments to the children.

Organising workshops for the holistic development of the children.

By providing coaching in various sports, dance, music etc. so the potential of children is well harnessed

Supervising co-curricular activities and art&


Organising health check-ups and giving medical aid to the children.

It is entirely up to the volunteer to devote the time slot according to their convenience. 

Get in touch


+91 7387070358