Shehnaz had dropped out of the school in 3rd standard and had totally given up on studying and it stayed like that for many years but little did she know that she was destined to become one of the many successful stories of Ushakiran and the story of her transformation and journey with Ushakiran is nothing short of a miracle.

Her journey with Ushakiran begins almost six years after she had stopped going to the school. Shehnaz's brother used to study at Ushakiran and the Founder Ms. chhaya sharma got to know about her through his brother and later invited Shehnaz for a craft activity. When Shehnaz came to Ushakiran for the craft activity she was very curious about everything and wanted to learn new things. Her curiosity to learn new things didn't end in one day (it still hasn't ended) so she joined Ushakiran and started studying again. Here at UshaKiran she was given all the support she needed. She was given personal attention and was taught all that she had missed before. She had left the school in 3rd Standard and now was studying for boards so she had a lot to cope up with which Ushakiran took care of. It was not just about studying. We at Ushakiran believe in Holistic development of students and making them independent. Keeping in mind the skills of Shehnaz UshaKiran helped her in skill development by holding mehandi classes, mask making, macrame craft, manufacturing of sanitary napkins etc. so that she can earn by doing these works simultaneously with studies and use her free time in a constructive way. Ushakiran had also organized culture activities like dancing, singing and encouraged her to do Yoga. All these activities helped her in boosting self confidence and living a healthy life.

During her board exams in 10th and 12th standard her exam centres were very far, about 35 kms from her house but Ushakiran took care of this as well and arranged a car for her.

Shehnaz believes that all these experiences and the exposure she has received over the past 3 years has helped her find her dream which is to become a news reporter. Keeping this in mind she wants to learn more about hindi and English languages and also learn more about communication skills. To help her The founder of Ushakiran Ms. chhaya sharma is talking with various agencies to seek admission in college for the degree of BA in journalism and is also training her in media house for practical exposure of the profession.

While waiting for her 12th standard results (which she passed comfortably with good marks) she was utilizing her free time in a constructuve way as before by doing a job. She now works easily on laptops and is qualified for different jobs.

Even today if she looks back it seems sort of a miracle and she would never have been able to imagine she would come this far but she says that if we decide to work hard and bring a change its totally possible. She wants to be an example at which other students look upto and start studying. It doesn't matter how much you have studied before but with the proper guidance here and dedication any other student can be the next successful story from Ushakiran Just like Shehnaz.