Anubha’s Teaching English Experience at UshaKiran

While conducting one of the classes as a volunteer at Usha Kiran, I noticed that out of a group of 15 children, 3 of them were a bit uneasy. At first I got irritated and thought, it was probably the lack of interest in the subject that made them restless.

So I made them sit in front, so that they do not distract others. Then they settled down and paid attention without any distraction. However, the following day, I again found the same set of kids quite uninterested in the topic. I was really surprised as to how can the seating position be the cause of distraction for these otherwise attentive kids. On observing them closelyI suspected some eyesight problem.

I reported this matter to Mrs Chhaya and she took them to an eye specialist. To my utter surprise all these kids were diagnosed with myopia or near-sightedness.

Their need was catered to and they were given spectacles and prescribed food rich in vitamin A and C to improve their vision. Thankfully their  problem was solved but happiness and satisfaction which I got from this noble action is simply inexplicable and can only be experienced.

Blog Author : Anubha Mahajan (volunteer)

Facebook link: anubha.mahajan.545

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